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NOS LAN - SEPT 10/09/2011

Welcome to NOS Gaming Forums
Welcome to the Nos Gaming Forums.

We are a Australian Gaming community located in Darwin, N.T

Every Month for more than 10 years we have been getting together to game on ! We mainly use PC's but a few guys bring along their XBOX or PS3 and tv and use that too.

If you love gaming, then please feel free to join our forums and add your voice. If you're ever in Darwin and want to join us at our Monthly Lans, then again, please sign up to the forums and register for the LANs.

If you are new to gaming or still learning we also have plenty of time to help you out, and give you tips and techniques to improve your skills. So if you're aged 12 - 95 then come along - we'd love to have you !

We have a teamspeak3 server that's up and running most of the time, so check out the forum thread for details and jump on and say g'day. Please feel free to use it anytime. TS3 thread

Nos Lan's details

Hosted at the Abundant Life Christian Church Hall. The events are all supervised by responsible adults and all care is taken for peoples safety and the safety of their gear.

The events run from Friday Night 7pm until Sat 7pm. You can attend for some or all of that time. If you need to go home to sleep, your gear will be supervised until your return back at the Lan, but we don't take responsibility for your gear.

The Cost is $20. Breakfast is free.

Here's our main thread on the Lans - Pls read it too NOS lans

All Supervisors pass police checks and Carry Ochre cards which line up with Current youth/young adult requirements as per Territory Law.

Looking forward to seeing you all soon

Sealcomm (Nicky) & Dirtyturd (Dave)

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