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NOS LAN 9.08 14/08/2009
Posted by Brak on 2007/4/28 0:00:00 (422 reads)

Today marks the launch of NoS Gaming's second PBBG, Legend of the Green Dragon. It will go live at midday, weather permitting.

It's an RPG set in an idyllic world, a world of lush forests and intimate villages. However, the Green Dragon threatens to destroy all that. It is up to each and every one of you to take up arms and do your best to combat this scaly menace!

Features include:

  • Level-based RPG gameplay
  • Upgradeable weapons and armour
  • Multiple Halls of Fame
  • 19 races and 19 specialties
  • Constantly evolving, developing world (as we add stuff to it)

So come on in and play, and prove to the world that you've got what it takes to save us all!

NoS LotGD - Are you a bad enough dude to save the world?

Posted by Brak on 2007/3/11 20:47:00 (397 reads)

Storm clouds are gathering over the world of NoS-Gaming. The drums of war, silent for aeons, are beating once more ...

Welcome to the world of NoS Promisance. A harsh, unforgiving land where enemies and potential allies abound, and may in fact be the same people. A land where only your skill at diplomacy, economics, planning and warmaking will allow your people to survive. A medieval land, where the hope for the masses is to transition into a brighter future. But is that a peaceful dream, or in the future is there only war?

You decide. The fate of your people is in your hands. Don't fail them.

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